Darryl Thompson

Started out tattooing himself, before getting into a shop to learn from a handful of dedicated artists. Over time, Darryl developed a style of tattooing known as 'hustle'. Once his style had been solidified, he opened up Oakland Ink as a way to create his version of tattoo culture in his storefront shop. Aside from tattooing, he is an accomplished airbrush painter, body painter, and graphic deisgner. When not at the shop, you can find Darryl with his family, or playing one of his many instruments.


An Orange County native that has been tattooing for almost eight years. To supplement his growth as a tattooer, he went through 4 years of college to learn skills that range from cartooning, figure drawing, acrylic painting, and oil painting. When not at the shop, Stix is known to be riding his Harley or spending time with his Weiner dog, Odiewankanobi. #odiewan

Alan Murray

Alan began tattooing in Santa Barbara and has continued the growth of his career for 7 years. The unique aspects of Alan's portfolio stem from his skill in colorful, vivid, and illustrative style. Demand for his work and quality of tattooing allowed him to travel around California making guest appearances at various shops. Oakland Ink is honored to now have him as a permanent artist.


Kat has been an apprentice for one and a half years with a focus on neo-traditional and traditional style art. Growing up her only interests were drawing and eventually becoming a tattoo artist. Outside of her apprenticeship at the shop, Kat spends her free time practicing painting or drawing in an effort to build the foundation of her career.

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A recent transplant to Oakland Ink and the Bay Area, Davin spent 5 years tattooing in street and custom shops in the hard-baked deserts of Phoenix, AZ after finishing his apprenticeship. A multi-faceted artist coming from a background of underground, guerilla style independent comics, Davin has since expanded his mediums to include painting, sculpting, figure drawing and pastels. He specializes in fine line work, tribal and lettering, sacred geometry, realistic, reproductions and cover ups. Davin seeks to imbue his work with symbolism and elements that make his work deeply personal for artist and client alike.

Davin 'NoKoi' Yant

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Thomas 'Tea' Montano

Tea honed his craft apprenticing and working in shops all over San Francisco and East Bay over the past seven years. He is an incredible artist with the ability to adapt to many styles. His easy going personality and contagious laugh are sure to leave you with a memorable experience. (And a damn good tattoo).

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